Augmented Reality

Augmented reality uses existing real environment conditions and physical objects to trigger computer-generated enhancements to provide the best of reality, in real time to the user. Augmented Reality uses 3D pictures over a user ’s view of the real world. Augmented Reality is the ‘next smart & big thing’ that is going to change the way of generating content and process of sharing information. Augmented Reality mainly uses the headsets and digital devices such as tablets, smartphones and even PCs. The devices themselves contain software, sensors and digital projectors that trigger digital displays onto physical objects.

Don’t think that augmented reality is such a strange & new thing. If you have played the pokemon go craze or if you have used those instagram and snapchat filters to click a puppy face picture yourself, you have been using Augmented reality. It also helps to improve the customer's experience by introducing the virtual fitting rooms which allow shoppers to try various clothes and accessories

Augmented reality offers many practical applications in the industrial and professional world. It helps the operator by giving the real-time instructions in his or her field of view. It also helps to assemble the manufactured products. Augmented reality is the future of Gaming. In this, the children will experience another world of gaming. This helps them to feel the game. They will also have a chance to become addicted to this.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is an interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated environment, that incorporates mainly auditory and visual, but also other types of sensory feedback like haptic. VR blocks your sight out of the room and puts your presence elsewhere. wearing a Virtual Reality headset over your eyes will leave you blind to the current world, but will expand your senses with experiences within.

In real estate, virtual reality is helping them sell properties much faster because people can get a feel for the inside of a home as well as its grounds without even visiting it. In the travel industry, it helps the viewers to go on a virtual reality tour to travel the various places Around the world.

In the automotive industry, companies like Ford, BMW & Audi have implemented 3D experiences so that the customers can check out with different models of cars. A Real fact about education is that the students will remember everything much better if they experience it instead of reading about it.

Virtual Reality systems also include transmission of vibrations and other sensations to the person.