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16th World Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology

21st - 22nd December, 2018

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Institute For Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP) || ScienceFed
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WCASET immensely welcomes research scholars, delegates and students from academia as well as industries to patronize and share their experience and knowledge in technology and its application in 12th - World Conference on Applied Science Engineering and Technology (WCASET - 18). The conference will be held at Dubai on 21st-22nd September 2018. The main objective of WCASET is to grant the amazing opportunity to learn about groundbreaking developments in modern industry, talk through difficult workplace scenarios with peers who experience the same pain points, and experience enormous growth and development as a professional. There will be no shortage of continuous networking opportunities and informational sessions. The sessions serve as an excellent opportunity to soak up information from widely respected experts. Connecting with fellow professionals and sharing the success stories of your firm is an excellent way to build relations and become known as a thought leader.

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25th November 2018

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25th November 2018

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