WCASET Introduction

WCASET has already organized its Four successful World Conference on Applied Science Engineering and Technology at GOA, Singapore and Dubai. Researchers from top universities have presented their papers. Our main Moto is to erect an arena for researchers to share the exploration discoveries among the global researchers.

The organization team and the advisory group of the meeting invite creators to present their abstracts, manuscript to WCASET 2018. It conducts a worldwide conference to inspire unique researches, new ideas and recent advancement which focus on both hypothesis and practices.

WCASET is ventured into the new time of research meeting by offering chances to the scientists, researcher, students, professor for distributing their paper in SCOPUS and THOMSON REUTERS indexed journals and in UGC approved journal – which is needed for CAS (Career Advancement Scheme). UGC Recommended journals are now associated with WCASET 2018 for publications. These Journals are highly indexed in ICI-Indian Citation indexing as well as in Scopus. Digital object identifier (DOI) Number will be assigned to every reputed manuscripts which can be searched in the DOI directory.

Researchers and Experts can attend the conference and get their presentation to the board of individuals worldwide. WCASET inspires specialists in enhancing their quality of research work, based on the verified reputation, WCASET is very much sure to give you the best events, conferences, and Publications.

All completed paper entries will be investigated and assessed in light of uniqueness, informative research substances, accuracy and significance to the conference, commitment and intelligence. The meeting will be held each year to make it a perfect stage for individuals to share perspectives and puts a spotlight on Applied Science, Engineering, and Technology.

Doi Directory

Our organization is having a specific digital library,DOI Directory(Digital Object Identifier), it is an exclusive scientific indexing and article identification service for the articles related to science, technology, engineering ,management, medicine and health science. through this DOI directory we are allocating specific DOI number for each paper with that number you can access your paper in http://doidirectory.com/index.php website. Professionals, academicians and researchers can submit their unique articles to get their DOI numbers. Colleges, universities and professional associations along with conference organizers can create their profile to submit their unique and accepted articles for scientific indexing at DOI directory.


All the research articles presented in the conference will be available in our search engine meta database researchpedia http://researchpedia.org/.